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Planning & Preparing with April Showers

19 Apr 2013 7:33 AM | Kathie Rotz (Administrator)

"April showers bring May flowers."

"What you do today will affect your business in 90 days."

"80% plan, 20% do."


There are many times that I need to remind myself that all of the planning and challenges are worth it.  A completed project, increase in sales, May flowers are so worth all of the work!


What is the purpose of preparing and planning?  The biggest benefit that I receive is the opportunity to dump all of my thoughts (brain dump) on paper and organize these ideas in a way that will produce an efficient and successful project.  It always amazes me how scattered my thoughts are but by taking the time to complete a plan  it shows me obvious gaps.  The process also eases my anxieties as I often worry that I am forgetting something.  When I brain dump I know that all of my thoughts are captured on paper and nothing is still floating around in my mind in the "forgotten zone"! 


And the best part - when the plan is done all I have to do is follow the plan.  It's like following a recipe - step by step.  I no longer have to think and analyze and reprioritize and rethink.   


So, what does this have to do with training?  You tell us!  How do you plan your training projects?  How do you teach others how to plan?  What tools do you use to keep planning consistent in your department?  What benefits have you learned by planning?


Please share your tips and tricks in this month's blog!  And take this challenge - give yourself 30 minutes today to think and plan.  Be amazed at how much quicker doing the job will be!

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