Kevin Eikenberry

29 Oct 2013 6:44 PM | Marcie Van Note

On October 17thKevin Eikenberry presented a very motivational and inspiring all day seminar on Remarkable Leadership, also the title of his book.  I thought I would share a few of the thoughts that I walked away with in hopes that others would add to the list.

  • Leadership is complex…..let that soak in for a minute.  Kevin discussed some work his group did with NASA and asking a rocket scientist which was more complex---rocket science or leadership.  The rocket scientist responded simply, leadership. 
  •  We manage things and lead people
  • Leadership is, complex, action (leadership is a verb, it is something we do), a responsibility (it’s a focus on others) and an opportunity
  •  Leadership is not, management, a job title, a power grab or a birth right
  •  Remarkable leaders are continual learners; you have to invest in yourself.  Continual learners are curious, they ask lots of questions, learn from their experiences and reflect on them, they work outside of their comfort zone
  • Remarkable leaders champion change
  • The ABC’s of coaching---accountability, belief (if you don’t believe in someone you shouldn’t be coaching them) and conversation (a coach shouldn’t tell you what to do)

As I sit here reflecting on the day I could just go on and on.  I walked away reflecting on new ways of looking at things, learning new things to try and reinforcing some of the things I already knew.

From the feedback, questions and responses received I know the day was a success.  Four companies have been in contact to ask for Kevin’s contact information.  His message was powerful enough they want to bring him in-house, to invest in continual learning.

Please add your take-aways from the day!

Check out our facebook page for pictures from the day……it was a good one.  While you are our facebook page to see what else is going on in the chapter.

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