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10 Jun 2014 3:29 PM | Marcie Van Note

According to careerbuilder.com, more than 60% of new leaders don’t get any training at all. And even if your organization does provide some training, it often comes too late and lacks a focus on leadership skills that can help your new supervisors become effective in communicating with, collaborating with, and coaching their team.

And the sad truth is that 40% of new managers fail within the first 18 months of promoting them. Why? Because they don’t get the training they need to:

Deal with people

Manage other people’s work

Mediate conflict

Be good at project management

Juggle deadlines

Hire and fire

Deal with HR issues

Communicate goals and expectations clearly (leaving everyone floundering)

In other words, they get promoted because they were good at their job -- good at the "doing" -- not because they can actually manage people or projects and report to the higher-ups.

Now, there’s a place where first-time managers and supervisors can learn the kinds of things it usually takes managers years to learn -- At Bud to Boss, new supervisors can get this quality, focused, practical supervisor training in only two days.

Make the commitment to give yourself or your supervisors the valuable training they need right from the start!  Attend this training with Kevin Eikenberry on July 23rd and 24th in Cedar Rapids.   Click to register at: http://www.budtoboss.com/the-workshop/  Watch for the email with the member discount code, or contact Marcie for the code to receive your 20% discount for being a Hawkeye ATD member!

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