ATD Hawkeye Chapter Receives SOS Award for "Building Value for Event Sponsors"

02 Mar 2020 7:32 AM | Nicole Soer

Your ATD Hawkeye Chapter received an SOS (Sharing our Success) award. The SOS award acknowledges our chapter’s willingness to share best practices that can immediately help other chapters to improve their management and services. In addition, our work will help ATD to share non-traditional ways to consider sponsor engagement.

Here is a synopsis of our submission:

At the ATD Hawkeye Fall Conference in 2019, a new three pronged approach to sponsor networking was put into action.

  • Attendees received a small jar as their registration gift when they entered the conference. Each of the sponsors had a different type of candy at their table. Attendees were encouraged to create their own “candy dish” by visiting the sponsors and filling up their jar.
  • Nametag ribbons with a variety of sayings were placed at sponsor tables later in the day, and attendees were given time to find the ribbons they wanted to add to their nametags, which also got them mingling with the sponsors.
  • At various times throughout the event, sponsors where assigned specific tables where they networked with attendees. They were timed, and when time ran out, they moved to the next table. It worked something like “speed dating”.

The outcome was great from both the perspective of the sponsors and the attendees. Attendees felt more comfortable talking to sponsors when there was an element of fun involved (candy, ribbons, group discussions at their tables). Sponsors felt they got more time to network and had the opportunity to speak with more attendees than usual.  

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