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  • 12 May 2014 11:33 AM | Melanie Hoffner
    Kevin Eikenberry's "From Bud to Boss" program is offered across the country and in 2014, it is in our "backyard"! Save on travel costs by registering for Kevin Eikenberry's "From Bud to Boss" workshop in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, on July 23-24! 

    Learn more about this exciting program and register at

  • 12 May 2014 11:21 AM | Melanie Hoffner
    Click here to learn more about, and register for, this special professional development event provided for those who work or volunteer for non-profit organizations. Offering a full day of training, including continental breakfast, lunch, and snacks, at a very low cost, is a way we can give back to the communities we serve. 

    We need your help to reach as many people as possible who could benefit from participating in this event. Please help us publicize this program to your network. Click here for a flyer you could share.

    If you have any questions about this event, contact Marcie Van Note, President-Elect, at
  • 12 May 2014 11:12 AM | Melanie Hoffner
     We are hosting a conference October 23-24, 2014: "Creating a World That Works Better - One Professional at a Time."

    Please review the Conference RFP Process Information document and complete the Conference RFP Form. RFP's, including any supporting materials, are due by 12:00 AM on June 16, 2014

    More information including the conference schedule, keynote speakers, breakout sessions and speakers, and registration information will be posted on the 2014 Conference page (see left) as it becomes available.  

    If you have any questions about the conference, contact Marcie Van Note, President-Elect, at 
  • 01 May 2014 10:45 AM | Gale Mote

    Here is a blog where you can post information on where you are staying and how best to connect during the conference!  Learn, laugh, connect and apply!

    Gale is staying at the Doubletree by Hilton on 1515 Rhode Island Avenue NW in Washington DC. The phone number is 202-232-7000.  It is easiest to reach her on her cell phone: 319-350-3861. You may also e-mail her at

    She is attending a pre-conference certificate program on learning transfer Friday and Saturday.  She arrives in DC on Thursday evening.  Leaving for home on Thursday morning, May 8.

    Love this time of year!  See you soon!

  • 01 May 2014 10:41 AM | Gale Mote
    Be watching here for some of the great ideas coming from those Hawkeye ASTD members attending the conference in Washington DC.  Wish you could be here too!  We are happy to share and welcome your comments!
  • 14 Apr 2014 1:52 PM | Marcie Van Note

    We are looking for speakers for the June 4th  Non-profit Training Day willing to speak about leadership skills.  

    This is the third time Hawkeye ASTD has offered the Non-profit Training day to anyone who works for or volunteers at a non-profit.  This event supports our strategic goal to provide development opportunities for our communities.

    If you are interested please contacted Marcie Van Note at or 319-270-2004


  • 11 Apr 2014 6:12 AM | Melanie Hoffner
    We regret that we have needed to cancel this program. We apologize for any inconvenience and look forward to seeing you at an upcoming program.

    Thank you!
  • 05 Apr 2014 5:19 PM | Marcie Van Note

    Getting promoted (especially to a supervisory role) is exciting…and scary. With a promotion to leadership, supervision or management comes some unexpected challenges and changes to roles in your responsibilities, relationships, and perspectives.

    Perhaps you don’t really know what is expected of you. Perhaps you got promoted over your friends or peers, and aren’t sure how to make those relationships work. Perhaps you got the job…and others you know wanted it (badly).

    The reality is leadership is complex to start with, and when you add all of these concerns on top of it, it can be daunting. Given all of that – we know the rest of the story too. . .

    You want to do well . . . but you want to do more than survive, or stumble around trying to learn it all by trial and error. You want to be successful.

    You want to make a difference.

    Do you have the support, knowledge and skills you need to succeed?

    Are you getting the training you need?

    Sadly, according to more than 60% of new leaders don’t get any training at all. Even if your organization does provide some training, it often comes too late and lacks a focus on leadership skills that can help you become effective in communicating with, collaborating with, and coaching your reports.

    Get the Keys to Successful Leadership Results – Right from the Start

    This nationally recognized 2-day seminar is coming to Cedar Rapids, July 23rd and 24th.  To register and for more information:

  • 03 Apr 2014 1:48 PM | Anonymous

    Infoline: Creating an Internal Certificate Program by Sara Bushman

    This publication explains the difference between certification and a certificate program and provides the framework for building a certificate program. The benefits I received from the resource were definitely worth the cost. If you aren’t sure you want to spend the money, checkout the webcast first!

    Here are the key takeaways I received from this resource:

    • Tips to identify and define organizational needs
    • Ideas for the assessment format
    • Levels to include in the program structure
    • Sample evaluation questions for the pilot phase
    • Marketing ideas for the program

    T+D Magazine, February 2014

    I found two articles that provided inspiration for refocusing my efforts to improve the effectiveness of our training programs:

    1. Flipped Learning, the feature article, included ideas and examples for using technology to present instruction to learners prior to attending a classroom training. Delivering this ahead of time will shorten class time and allow for more focus on application.
    2. Step by Step, by Robert P. Hewes, provided an overview of a design plan that includes ways to improve the application of information and skills outside of the classroom.  Suggestions and examples to simplify post-training follow up were included.

  • 03 Apr 2014 10:51 AM | Anonymous

    In January I watched an archived version of the 2013 State of the Industry webcast and downloaded the report to learn about trends in our industry and to compare the training programs at my company to industry peers. The information I gathered will help me document our efficiency and successes as well as determine what we need to do differently to ensure we're providing training that will help us achieve our strategic goals.

    I also participated in a live webcast titled: Employee Development on a Shoestring: Developing Talent Outside the Classroom. In addition to the content supplied by the facilitator (which was great, by the way), I also picked up a ton of tips through the chat panel from other participants. There were a lot of tips shared on how to capture and store institutional knowledge for future references.

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