Managing Conflict: Navigating Areas of Disagreement 

Steve Wilson

Let's face it, conflict is something most of us would like to avoid.  It's even harder when we don't trust others, which is the foundation of high performing teams.  Conflict creates stress and evokes many emotions in us that we'd usually like to avoid.  When conflict is not resolved, employees may be less inclined to do their best work, may avoid collaboration, or can feel constant tension within the group.

That said, productive conflict is the lifeblood of innovation and progress.  It is okay!  It allows us to challenge the status quo in the spirit of creating more and better.  The goal is to navigate the conflict towards productive ends.  During this workshop you will:

  • Explore the five primary ways of handling conflict
  • Learn how the Ladder of Inference works and impacts how we behave
  • Practice the 3-Way Mirror Exercise, a process which helps reframe a past conflict to enable all parties to see conflict from different perspectives.

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