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October 2022

Name:  Marcie Van Note

Position and Employer: Program Director, Business and Leadership Graduate Programs - Mount Mercy University

How long have you been with your employer and/or in your position?  Full time for 9 years, I was an adjunct prior to accepting the position full-time

How long have you been a member of ATD Hawkeye Chapter?   15+ years

What is a typical workday like for you?  There is no typical day for me, but I spend a lot of time one on one with students solving problems and coaching them.  Most of our students have been out of school for a number of years and are coming back to better themselves.  As adults they are juggling work, families, caring for parents and classes.  Sometimes, they just want someone to listen to them.

What do you enjoy most about ATD Hawkeye Chapter?  The collaboration with others who deal with adults who are learning new things.  We all have our own style when doing training I like to watch others and learn from them.  I also like the networking that happens.  I have met so many interesting people over the years, that are still some of my closest friends.

Name a professional challenge you have experienced, and share how ATD Hawkeye has helped you overcome it. I was putting together a leadership development plan and met with some ATD colleagues to see what worked and didn’t work in their program.

What piece of advice related to talent and development has made a significant impact on you and your work?  Years ago, even before Hawkeye ATD, I attended a 2-day seminar with Bob Pike as the leader.  Bob has several learning laws that he teaches and one of them is “Learning is directly proportional to the fun you have.”  Research shows that people learn better in environments that offer humor, pleasure, fun, and joy.  Learning can remain serious, because it is but can be fun too.

What is your favorite part of the learning and development field?  Helping new trainers discover the exciting world of training and development. 

Who is currently one of your favorite speakers or authors, and why?   I have mentioned Bob Pike because he has simple techniques that can help every trainer.  Elaine Biech who wrote, “The Art and Science of Training”  She speaks  about great ways trainers can help help trainers understand how adults learn.

What are your hobbies or favorite things to do with your time?   I am an avid Green Bay Packers fan and love football.  I also enjoy digging in the dirt and camping.




JULY 2022

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