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The ATD Hawkeye Chapter supports the learning community throughout Eastern Iowa by providing educational resources, networking opportunities, and other support to professionals in our field. 

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ATD Hawkeye Chapter Member Spotlight

Name: Becky DeWaard

Position and Employer: VP, Learning & Development Manager

How long have you been with your employer and/or in your position? 37 years in the banking industry, 30 years with Hills Bank; 3 ½ years in this position. Prior to my role in HR, I was managing the mortgage lending department. 

How long have you been a member of ATD Hawkeye Chapter? 3 years

What is a typical workday like for you? Talking and meeting with employees and direct reports on a variety of initiatives, and working on projects.

What do you enjoy most about ATD Hawkeye Chapter? I enjoy the learning opportunities, the different topics, and meeting new people.

Name a professional challenge you have experienced, and share how ATD Hawkeye has helped you overcome it. When I first took this position, I was tasked with finding an outside speaker for diversity and inclusion, and being so new to the role, I wasn’t sure where to look. I reached out to Heather Marquez who gave me a lead, and it turned out to be a great experience for the bank. People are still talking about what they learned from the speakers.

What piece of advice related to talent and development has made a significant impact on you and your work? Utilize whatever avenue will keep you continually learning and staying fresh in the field, whether it’s reading or listening to books, podcasts, blogs, groups like ATD, conferences, etc.

What is your favorite part of the learning and development field? Creating opportunities for employees to learn and watching them internalize the information and grow.

What are your greatest strengths, and what are your current development goals? In my current position, it’s been helpful to have been in and managed many of the banking roles that are provided training now. It helps me understand the training needs more easily.

Who is currently one of your favorite speakers or authors, and why?  Brene Brown is a current favorite. I’ve read several of her books, and whether the subject is shame or leadership, etc., she keeps it all very real and authentic.

What are your hobbies or favorite things to do with your time?  My husband and I have two grown men for children who are married to two wonderful women and have given us seven grandchildren. Lord willing, we will have another healthy grandson in October. These people are my favorite things and my hobbies all at the same time. 

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