Get Your Brain on Board for Success

Do you ever feel like your brain has a mind of its own, regardless of what YOU want to do?  It does! It is focused on survival, as well as conserving attention and energy (aka habits). Join me to learn strategies that are useful in "Helping You Optimize Your Brain and Mind to Maximize Your Success and Joy!".

Learning Objectives

Discover and practice...

...The Power of the Pink Elephant ©
...Shift Self-Talk from Adversary to Ally ©
...Stop "Shoulding" and Start Igniting TNT ©
...Ramp up Your RAS ©
...Worry Smarter 

Melanie Hoffner

For over 30 years, people across ages, professions, and countries have enjoyed “WOW!” insights and experiences with Melanie K. Hoffner’s award-winning training facilitation, speaking and coaching.

As Chief People Development Specialist, Trainers’ Trainer, Success Catalyst© and Coach with her company, Brain Bonanza LLC, Melanie has helped transform the lives of men, women, and children by altering the trajectory of their thought process, helping them make decisions and take actions that move them towards their goals.

Her high-content, memorable, and motivational presentation style has changed the lives of thousands, from locally to internationally, combining brain-based learning/training/living, accountability, leadership, emotional intelligence, and living your passions.

Melanie is a lifelong learner with a deeply ingrained passion for the brain and the learning process and applies that to her work supporting people to “Optimize your brain and mind to maximize your success and joy!” © Combining her certifications as a Brain-Based Trainer, Remarkable Leadership Coach, and Passion Test Facilitator, Melanie applies neuroscience, leadership principles, and heart-based passion to create successful outcomes with the clients and organizations she serves. She designs, customizes, and facilitates a variety of programs and topics, including Training with the Brain in Mind©, Leading with the Brain in Mind©, Be the Zebra aka Choose Your Stress©.  She facilitates two virtual programs, Solopreneur Mastermind© and Superwoman Sanctuary: Drop Your Cape and Refuel©, hosts a weekly podcast, SPARK©, and will offer online experiential courses in her Mind Magic Academy©.

A long-time member of ATD Hawkeye and ATD, Melanie has served in several positions on the
ATD Hawkeye Board, including president. When not working, she currently volunteers as President of the Central City Fine Arts Boosters Board and with the competitive marching organizations of which her son, Alex, is a member. She also enjoys writing and is excited about recently becoming a bestselling author with her essay in Celebrating 365 Days of Gratitude 2022.

Melanie is grateful to her husband, Tom, and son, Alex, who support her to live her personal mission: “To make a positive difference by empowering people to live more of their passions and create successful outcomes with their best brains as the CEOs of their own lives!”


Phone: 319-270-8378

Facebook Public Figure:



Twitter: @BrainBonanza

Websites: http://www.BrainBonanza.comhttp://Superwoman.Sanctuary.com, and

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