Building Trust at Work with Somatic Awareness

Trust is the foundation of everything we do and the key leadership competency of the global economy.  Building and maintaing trust can be challenging even when we work side by side, let alone virtually.  People are hungry for someone who has their back, and they're looking to you. Being someone your team can count on shows them you care and you're with them. Trustworthy leaders build in layers and turn inward with somatic awareness to understand and process their own trust-related feelings.  This program will set the stage for recognizing what trust does and doesn't feel like, pave the way for modeling trustworthy behavior with somatic awareness strategies, and give practical suggestions on addressing the challenges of trust at work.

Learning Objectives

1.  Recognize what trust does and doesn't feel like
2.  Use somatic awareness strategies to model trustworthy         behavior at work

3.  Discuss best practices for addressing the challenges of trust at work

Jennifer Zach

Jennifer Zach uses whole-body coaching techniques to help C-suite clients lead their organizations with enthusiasm, mental clarity, and emotional intelligence. An expert in somatic awareness and the learning cluster design model, Jennifer teaches her clients to use intuitive intelligence and curiosity to motivate their teams and move their organizations forward, even in times of great disruption.  In addition to her coaching work, Jennifer is a member of Rotary International and Toastmasters. She serves on the Association for Talent Development (ATD) Hawkeye board of directors and shares her leadership expertise as a contributor to ATD’s international magazine and online blog. You can reach her at

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