Safe Conversations: Navigating Tough Talks with Somatic Awareness

Jennifer Zach

This program explores the connection between tough conversations and our body's threat response, highlighting how understanding and managing this response can lead to more productive and empathetic discussions. Participants will learn techniques to listen to their bodies and calm their nervous systems, fostering a sense of psychological safety essential for meaningful dialogue. By leveraging somatic awareness, individuals can approach conversations with clarify and compassion, fostering environments conducive to open communication and validation.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understanding the link between tough conversations and the body's threat response
  • Techniques to listen to the body and calm the nervous system
  • Leveraging somatic awareness for compassionate dialogue

Jennifer's Bio:

Jennifer Zach founded Zach Coaching, LLC in 2009, a dynamic executive coaching practice with a reputation for getting people where they want to go by leveraging the mind-body connection. Jennifer is the author of "Somatic Awareness: Leading With Body Intelligence". And she hosts the insightful podcast "Leader to Leader With Jennifer Zach".

Jennifer's expertise has earned her recognition in various publications and conferences, including Choice Magazine, the Mazagine of Professional Coaching, ATD's ACL Conference, TD Magazine, Training Magazine, and the Iowa SHRM Conference. Jennifer has also been featured at DisruptHR, solidfying her reputation as a though leader in leadership and somatic awareness.

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