Strategic Volunteer Recruitment & Retention

Kayla Paulson

Explore practical strategies for recruiting and retaining volunteers. Participates will receive proven tools and techniques for not only finding and connecting with the mission-aligned volunteers, but also tips for keeping volunteers engaged by creating supportive environments.

Kayla's Bio:

Kayla Paulson, CVA is an independent consultant, trainer, and coach that works for multiple national nonprofits and businesses helping them achieve their social mission by maximizing the contributions of their human capital, staff and volunteers alike. She has an inquisitive passion for bringing out the best in people and organizations and recognizes that volunteer engagement is a great way to help that happen for both non-profits and companies. She has a BA In Public Communications with an emphasis in Visual Presentation from Iowa State University. Her career has been dedicated to helping non-profits and human service entities; over the years her roles have given her the opportunity to hone skills in communications, database management, community relations, training, marketing, talent development, volunteer engagement and management, public speaking, and leading teams.

Whether she is designing and delivering training for reDirect Foundation, serving as the national Service Enterprise Administrator for AL!VE helping organizations achieve accreditation in strategic volunteer engagement, helping her corporate clients reengage and inspire their workforce, or helping local nonprofit better engage the community through volunteerism, Kayla challenges organizations and teams to hang the mirror, have honest and authentic conversations to get to the root causes of challenges that they are facing, and helping them collectively move forward.

Kayla knows that when you bring the right mix of individuals with diverse experiences, talents, skills, and dedicated time you can make almost anything happen!

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