Turning Generational Diversity Into A Competitive Advantage

Heather Marquez

While diversity is a big area of focus, let's talk about the elephant in the room.  Generational diversity.  We are seeing more generations in the workforce at one time than ever before.  For many organizations, this is a source frustration.  The number of lawsuits involving generational diversity has been on the rise.

Heather's Bio:

With more than 25 years of operations, management, talent development and leadership experience, Heather Marquez understands the need for growth while managing limited resources.  She uses a variety of tools to create customized solutions for business owners and leaders as they strive to compete for both customers and talent in today’s changing business landscape. Your priority is growing your existing customer base, inspiring loyalty, delivering value, and differentiating your product or service in a “sea of sameness”.  To be successful, your team has to become an extension of you.  Heather equips individuals and teams with new skills, knowledge, and practical application to increase clarity, improve teamwork, develop leaders and drive performance.

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