Embodied Excellence: Cultivating Somatic Awareness for Commanding Presence in Public Speaking

Jennifer Zach

Explore the powerful connection between somatic awareness and effective public speaking.  By understanding and harnessing the body-mind connection, participants will learn to enhance their presence and communication skills on stage, ultimately becoming more impactful speakers.

Develop Somatic Awareness: Participants will gain an introductory understanding of somatic awareness, learning how to connect with and control their physical and emotional responses during public speaking engagements.

Enhance Presence: By practicing techniques to harness somatic awareness, attendees will discover how to project a strong, confident presence that captivates and engages their audience, leaving a lasting impression.

Improve Communication Skills: Through practical exercises and real-world applications, participants will acquire the skills to convey their message effectively, using somatic awareness to regulate body language, tone, and overall communication style, ensuring their message resonates with diverse audiences.

Bio:  Jennifer Zach founded Zach Coaching, LLC in 2009, a dynamic practice offering coaching, speaking, and learning facilitation.  Jennifer hosts the insightful podcast "Leader to Leader with Jennifer Zach".  And soon, she'll be releasing her book, "Somatic Awareness: Leading With Body Intelligence".

Jennifer's expertise has earned her recognition in various publications and conferences, including Choice Magazine, the Mazagine of Professional Coaching, ATD's ALC Conference, TD Magazine, Training Magazine, and the Iowa SHRM Conference.  Jennifer has also been featured at DisruptHR, solidifying her reputation as a thought leader in leadership and somatic awareness.

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