Design Your Presentations for Maximum Accessibility & Re-Useability

Sonja Watters

The World Heath Organization estimates that 16% of the world's population lives with some type of disability that may affect learning.  With the push towards diversity, equity and inclusion in learning and development, creating accessible PowerPoint presentations that can be re-used for eLearning or videos, is more crucial now than ever before.  In this presentation, you will learn how to make accessible and re-usable PowerPoint presentations by covering the following topics:

  • The recommended design structure for your slides to promote accessibility
  • The best practices for topography on your slides
  • How to select color schemes that are easy to read
  • How to check your presentation for accessiblity
  • How to write impactful alt text for your images

Bio:  Sonja Watters is a Senior L&K Specialist - Digital Learning with UFG Insurance. She designs eLearning modules using Articulate 360 programs and she is the backup administrator for the Cornerstone Learning Management System.  She is currently the VP Technology for the ATD Hawkeye Chapter.  In 2019, Sonja earned the ATD Master Instructional Designer designation through ATD. Good instructional design is her passion! Playing with different software is her entertainment!.

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