Digital Boost for Non-Profits

Kyle Steele

Are you in need of more donations, volunteers and awareness of your non-profits mission? Of course you are! I have not met a non-profit champion yet that has said "What are we going to do with all this extra time and money?" In this 90-minute session, I will cover the low and no cost resources to help your non-profit thrive in a digital world. From the $10k monthly Ad Grant from Google, to low-cost resources like TechSoup, there are a lot of companies doing their part to aid your organization in your efforts to make the world a better place

During this session, I will cover:

  • Low or No-Cost Resources for Non-Profits
  • What platforms you should focus on (hint: it's different for every organization)
  • Storytelling in the digital age
  • How to build and grow your audience
  • Website psychology of your users
  • Landing pages vs. Websites

In addition to these topics, I will be offering a real-time audit of your non-profits digital presence (social, website, etc.) as time permits. This informational session will equip your non-profit with the tools, strategies, and motivation to succeed for years to come at little to no additional cost to you!

Kyle's Bio:

Kyle Steele, the man with the face made for radio yet still continues to produce videos for us on social. Kyle hasn't just built a career; he is building a legacy, one post, and one client at a time. Imagine leaving your cozy, successful corporate career of 13 years, starting from scratch, with zero marketing dollars, just a dream and the vast landscape that is digital marketing. That's where Kyle's journey began. From his first, admittedly terrible, LinkedIn post to becoming the creator of the longest running and one of the highest-viewed weekly video series, #OneMinuteWednesday, Kyle is living proof that dedication pays off.

He's not just another "Sales and Marketing Guru" who talks the talk. Kyle walks the walk, every single day. His journey on Social, primarily LinkedIn, has been nothing short of spectacular, landing him high-paying clients, six-figure salaries, incredible speaking engagements and most importantly, authentic and lasting connections. His success isn't just measured in numbers, but in the real, tangible impact he's made in the world of sales and marketing.

Kyle is a practitioner of what he preaches to his audience and believes that "You As As Valuable As You Are Visible", in today's world. Helping clients to curate and connect with their audience by proactively solving their problems through content.

Curious about Kyle? Just search #oneminutewednesday on LinkedIn and see for yourself. There's no highlight reel, just a consistent, powerful presence that's been almost a decade in the making.

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